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Frequently asked questions


Can your products be diluted?

YES! Our products can be diluted!! We recommend that you mix our gallon soaps with 75% water and 25% with soap! This is why BigDeal products last longer; more bang for your buck. 

Our 32 ounce bottles like Clear Shine and our Wax Treatment can also diluted.

If the temperature is above 65 degrees, you are able to dilute our Wax Treatment or Clear Shine to a 50/50 blend; 50% water and 50% product.

**When the temperature is above 65 degrees, the temperature of your vehicle raises. When product is applied it can streak; due to water in the product evaporating quickly. So just remember to check the weather before you detail and that way you're using the product properly!**

It all depends on the user. Our average clients use our products at least 3 times a month. This is generously using our product. These clients order every 2-3 months.  

How long does a 32 ounce bottle last?

YES! All of our 32 ounce bottles are refillable on our gallons page. We recommend ordering a gallon size when you order your 32 ounce. This saves you money on shipping! Plus, more shine for you!

Is there refills for 32 ounce bottles?

Our spray wax formula has a higher wax content than anything on the market, currently. We typically recommend using our spray wax after each wash... even if you use our Wash & Wax. Team BigDeal is all about extra protection; especially when it comes to you & your vehicle. To give you an answer it's anywhere from 2-3 weeks. This also may depend on your location and how hard you are on the vehicle. Do you live on gravel? Are you going mudding? Do you wash your car and not wax it after? These are all factors that can go into play. At the very minimum be sure you wax your vehicle at least every two months.

How long does your wax treatment last on a vehicle?

YES! It surely can! Both BigDeal X & Clear Shine are ammonia free, water based products. Don't forget if it's above 65 degrees outside, you will need to mix 50% product with 50% water! The hot weather evaporates the water in the product and this can cause streaking.  

Can BigDeal X or Clear Shine be applied to tinted windows?

What do you recommend to get rid of dirt and grime?

Is your truck overly dirty? Nothing is getting the job done to remove of hard stains, water spots, dirt, gravel, or grease? BigDeal has a variety of options to get the job done right the first time! First, we recommend that you wash the vehicle at least once (by hand or Snow Gun) with our HD Degreaser. Our HD Degreaser cuts through the dirt and grime right away. If you're not completely satisfied after the first initial cleaning, no problem.. many of our clients add another wash into their regimen. We have two options for products; a Wash & Wax, for high shine and layer of protection. Wash & Wax is a 2 in 1 formulation; high caliber soap, wax treatment for protection. Want something heavier duty? Try our Equipment Wash, which is still a nice sheen, just no wax. Equipment Wash is a high performance soap so it can be used on daily drivers, semis, RV's, and more.

Do we Sponsor racers?

We do! However, we only pick 3 racers per year to sponsor. In order to qualify for sponsorship, everyone is required to fill out our sponsorship form online (through our website) between November & December. We choose 3 winners after all forms have been submitted. WE DO NOT ACCEPT LATE FORMS, FORMS ALL YEAR ROUND OR OFFER SPONSORSHIPS FOR DUPLICATE GROUPS PER YEAR. 

All qualified winners will receive a product sponsorship in return prior to signing a contract with BigDeal Enterprises LLC. 

do you have smaller sizes?

Currently we don't offer smaller sizes. However, we are working hard in the warehouse. STAY TUNED!


Only 1 of our products has silicon; #RaceSpray Mud Off. This is an exterior spray that you can apply to remove dirt and grime much easier. It's popular among the racers and truck drivers. It can be applied to vinyls for a high gloss effect on your interior. 

What do you use for trucks?

Trucks.. Well! It depends! If you're 'The BigDeal' himself, he uses a 3 step process wash. He's extra. The BigDeal first washes his truck with our HD Degreaser to remove of any road dirt, grime, and other yuck. Once he's removed the 'yuck' The BigDeal will use the Snow Gun with 75% water and 25% Wash & Wax Soap. Wash & Wax is our high caliber blend of soap with a 2 in 1 formulation of wax treatment. This wax treatment will leave behind a fine film of protection and shine. Leaving your vehicle repelling water like no other! Finally, he will rinse off the Wash & Wax and apply our spray wax, Wax Treatment. Like we said, he's extra. The BigDeal loves the BIGDEAL SHINE!


Heavy duty truck? No issues! We have our high concentrated Equipment Wash which is safe to use on trucks, RVs, everyday drivers, and then some. This can be mixed with 75% water and 25% product. This process can be accompanied with our spray wax, Wax Treatment, at the end if you would like a shine after washing and drying.

Our team recommends that you use a microfiber cloth or a towel with a high blended fiber count. This way it doesn't leave behind 'little fuzzies'. Our chammies are available for smaller surface drying and spray on/wipe off action.

What kind of towel do I use to dry off my vehicle?

Can I use your race products on my everyday vehicle?

YES! Ricky Mendoza's Race Wash is similar to our Equipment Wash, it's just a little bit higher in soap content to remove of 'race' dirt! Go ahead, use it on the daily driver, just don't race anyone down the high way! BigDeal is not responsible for speeding tickets or traffic violations! Race on ladies & gents, but keep it on the track.

Do we have an authorized Dealer program?

WE SURE DO! Please contact us via email at We love that you want to share the shine and look forward to creating a business partnership with you. You may also check out our Authorized Dealer Program online for basic information. Otherwise, please send us an email with your information: name, phone number, address, if you have a retail store, detail shop or if you would be independent. 


My Snow Gun isn't working properly? What do I do?

Have you tried cleaning the filter? That would be a start! The filter can be located once the pin is removed from the nozzle. It will be a circular foil-like looking piece. Sometimes this can be clogged with dirt and sand, but no worries because it's blocking it from your vehicle! So it's doing it's job, but it needs to be cleaned every so often. Depending on how much you're using your snow gun,  we recommend every month check in on it to ensure it's running properly.

We can ship you the logos that we have here for a $10 fee + shipping. 20 available each year, once quantities run out we are only able to email the file to you to print on your own dime.

For the EPS file or JPEG image with our logo, please email Emily at PLEASE  PUT IN THE SUBJECT: RACE DECAL.

DO YOU PRINT RACER DECALS that have the bigdeal car care logo on them?

What products be used with a Snow gun or LP Foamer?

Any of our soap products work great! We offer Equipment Wash, a heavy duty, high grade soap. Wash & Wax, a 2 in 1 formulation soap, that has a thin layer of wax left behind after each wash. This adds a layer of protection to your vehicle. HD Degreaser, a degreasing and highly concentrated foaming soap. Any of these options work great in our BigDeal Equipment. All of our soaps are water based!  

No. It DOES NOT connect to ANY air hose. All of our Snow Guns connect to a male, 1/4", quick disconnect. If you have any questions about if your pressure washer is correct for our snow gun, please ask our sales team! 

Will the Snow Gun work with an air hose?

Team BigDeal produces winners. We believe that any one who uses our products is sure to be put into victory lane. We're not just the BigDeal on the track, we're a BigDeal everywhere. Our team makes our products with champions in mind. So, to answer your question, YES. It will slide you right past the competition. Smile and wave boys!

Does Ricky Thornton Jr. #RaceShine actually take of 1/10th of a second off of my lap time?