team bigdeal

BigDeal Car Care strives to provide the highest quality customer service and product. We believe that you and your car are too important not to be a BigDeal! BigDeal Car Care wants all of customers to receive the BigDeal Shine. They deserve the best of the best and that's what we will provide.


Dylan Book

owner + ceo... The real 'bigdeal'.

Dylan is the owner and CEO of BigDeal Car Care. Dylan's favorite product is the BigDeal Snow Gun paired with BigDeal Equipment Wash. He likes these products because they provide a deep clean. Using the Snow Gun cuts wash time in half; more time for fun! 

Dylan has been a passionate racer since 2009. His wall is decorated with trophies from races all over the United States. Dylan is a graduate of Adel High School in Iowa. After high school, he went on to receive his Associate in Science during 2010-2012.  His passion for cars, racing, and the BigDeal Shine continued with BigDeal Enterprises starting in 2014. Since then he has been providing the shine for clients all over the U.S.

Three things that no one knows about Dylan: He has fake teeth and a fake eye. Dylan also has no sense of taste or smell. He is a passionate racer and enjoys wake boarding in the summer. 

Dylan's hidden talent: being an awesome race car driver! 

His biggest pet peeve is when someone blows their nose at the dinner table while eating. (GROSS!) 

Email: // Phone: 515-491-0311